Honey, I shrunk the…. stitches?

Dunno how it happened, but either I have been conscious of my knitting style and tightened up, or I simply do not have a loose knitting style at all! The back section had come out a bit narrow, but wait – isn’t it precisely how I measured it? Yes! So, what gives?

Wexford Wrap Cardigan (50%)

I needed to get to to the bottom of this so, I decided to stitch the pieces together and fit it onto Gertrude, my Duct Tape Dummy. And lo’ and behold, yes, Gertrude is looking a little snug in that cardigan. However, when I put it on, I did not get the feeling of being ready to burst out of it like the Incredible Hulk – not a snug fit at all. If anything, very comfortable and with a bit of room to manoeuvre…. hmm!

Either Gertrude has been eating the pies behind my back, or I have shrunk!

When Random Striping isn’t Random After All

My original intention was to use what I had and not buy any more yarn. Simply work with what I got. And by doing this, I set myself a challenge to make do with the quantities and see what I could do with it.

I had 2 x Wexford Acadia and 2 x Wexford Evangeline, total yardage 960 yards. Enough to make a decent size short cardigan or crop sweater, you’d think? But when you have got 2 different colourways (from the same theme, mind), your only option is to create some kind of striping effect.

I wanted to stay away from uniform stripes and give it a little ‘uniqueness’ by randomly applying alternate colours when the whim takes me. The yarn is lovely and shiny, I reckoned I could get away with it (if the fashion police don’t find me, that is).

However, the striping was no longer looking random, but looked as if they were placed in an effort to match up exactly… but cocking it up altogether!

I’m going to learn the hard way, aren’t I? But I’m having SO MUCH FUN! 😉


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