Stash Thrashing (say that after a few beers!)

If left over yarns could talk, I wonder what they’d say…

Stasharoo Socks

  • “I was once entered in a Sockdown competition”
  • “I was a Kool Aid dyeing experiment”
  • “I was an impulse purchase!”
  • “I was another dyeing experiment that ended with a stain on the carpet!”
  • “I was specially bought for a Cookie A sock pattern”
  • “I was a collectable from Hedgehog Fibres”
  • “I was a mistake (I should have been blue, not green!)”
  • “I don’t know why I’m here with you guys, I am Organic!”

Project: Stasharoo! Socks

Let’s thrash through all that stash of leftover sock yarn! This is an easy Fair Isle method done by using 2 strands of yarn – a main colour (MC) and a contrast colour (CC). Just knit from each of these 2 strands alternately… MC, CC, MC, CC…etc. After 5 rows, change to another contrast colour. And so on..

The heel is done last by doing half a row of waste yarn in the place where you want your heel to be. When you come back to it, you just unpick the waste yarn and pick up the live stitches from the top and bottom. Then decrease every other row as you would normally do for a standard ‘flap’ heel. I still don’t know what this method of heel construction is called. I’ll try and find out.