Sakana Sock Pattern – my first published design!!

Sakana by JimiKnits
Sakana, a photo by JimiKnits on Flickr.

This is my first attempt at publishing a design. It was a scary prospect, but well worth the challenge. I now understand how best to convey my design ideas to others without wondering how my notes and scribbles would translate!

It took some doing – my notebook looks like someone let off a hand grenade!

You can buy this pattern here:

Designer’s Challenge – Yarn Bombing

Peace sign dish cloth by JimiKnits
Peace sign dish cloth, a photo by JimiKnits on Flickr.

More like an initiation ceremony for Ravelry’s exciting new group called Designers Challenge. My first challenge was to create something simple using knit and purl stitches.

Although I have done a similar type of stitch pattern before, I’d never done a dish cloth. So, I considered this a small ‘challenge’.

…However, my BIGGEST challenge was to yarn bomb my next door neighbour:

– Quick! Runaway, runaway…!!!!

Cheerful socks

Cheerful socks by JimiKnits
Cheerful socks, a photo by JimiKnits on Flickr.

These have got to be the most cheerful socks in the world. Would you agree?

The yarn colours are filled with fun and excitement, and the texture is bouncy and soft. There is nothing you can do to yarn like this – no patterns, no lace, nothing to distract your attention from the vibrancy of this incredible yarn. Just good ol’ knit stitch.

Fun, fun, fun! 🙂


Hettie - grape by JimiKnits
Hettie – grape, a photo by JimiKnits on Flickr.

“Hettie” is based on my fondness for hedgehogs- although, if I met one as big as this, I’m sure I would scream the house down!!

Hettie is a cuddly and versatile toy/cushion/foot stool/companion.

The overall size is 45cm wide by 30cm tall (18”x12”). I created 2 side panels and each side mirrors each other.

It seemed like a good idea to put in a few sets of short rows to enable the sides to ‘fill out’ – give room for capacity. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out and I’m still  debating whether or not this was necessary.

It’s quite a big beastie and needs a fair amount of stuffing filler. Had to massacre a couple of DD’s old teddies (while she wasn’t looking of course)!