Designer’s Challenge – Yarn Bombing

Peace sign dish cloth by JimiKnits
Peace sign dish cloth, a photo by JimiKnits on Flickr.

More like an initiation ceremony for Ravelry’s exciting new group called Designers Challenge. My first challenge was to create something simple using knit and purl stitches.

Although I have done a similar type of stitch pattern before, I’d never done a dish cloth. So, I considered this a small ‘challenge’.

…However, my BIGGEST challenge was to yarn bomb my next door neighbour:

– Quick! Runaway, runaway…!!!!


One thought on “Designer’s Challenge – Yarn Bombing

  1. I hope your neighbor liked the peace bomb, instead of a poo bomb you left on her door. Thank your knit/purl design inspired me to make an easy monogram in a heart to place on a scarf I’m knitting for my friend. Ty again, Mary.


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