Knit Nation 2011….omg!!

Knit Nation is a major event for me. Maybe because it is set so close to my birthday, I feel it is the best excuse yet to go on a yarn blowout!! This time I would take on a workshop too. It would turn out to be my first ever knitting lesson (so to speak).

Carol Feller’s ‘Seamless Knitting – beyond the raglan’ workshop was very educational and enjoyable. It covered everything I wanted to know about how to knit a sweater to actually fit properly. Taking into account every aspect of the sweater’s construction, she went through the different ways to knit seamlessly – top down, in the round etc. We learned about where and when to do short row shaping, the best ways to pick up and knit, different cast on/cast off methods and more. Everything a budding designer and experienced pattern knitter would want to know.

Lots of mathematics were required.. algebra, division, multiplication and metric/imperial conversions etc. with notepads, calculators and measuring tape at the ready.  It reminded me of being at school – feeling a little bit thick, not quite understanding what to do, but in the end, I did get some help from my fellow classmates. My head was beaten up by the end of it!

On your marks. Get set…..!

At the end of the day, everyone was itching to go to the marketplace, mostly to get their hands on some Wollmeise yarn. I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about until come opening time…. and boy was there a stampede!!!

Women were rushing past other vendors, heading straight to the back of the hall where Loop were stocking a huge batch of Wollmeise yarn. I felt sorry for the other vendors who stood there looking bewildered, wondering “Well, what about us? Who are we? Chopped liver?”

Heaving bodies of all shapes and sizes were squished together at the Loop stall – many of them thrusting elbows at each other and ever-so-politely saying, “sorry” as they used that opportunity to move even closer to the yarn. It was an interesting sight to see, but of course while I was standing there in amazement, I too got heaved into the fray! I picked up 2 interesting hanks of sock yarn though. Well, if you can’t beat ’em….!

At £22.50 per skein, I wasn’t going to be seduced THAT much. I only bought 2. I blew the rest of my budget on the wonderful vendors who so patiently waited for us all to come to our senses!

What a day!

The Booty – Left to right from the top left: Knit Nation project bag; Knit by Numbers shade cards; Little Red in the City by Ysolda (autographed); Juno ‘Eileen’ organic silk merino DK – Rosalind (pink); Fibre Harvest ‘Knit by Numbers’ DK – 15 (orange); Natural Dye Studio ‘Dazzle BFL’ sport – Golden Lion (yellow/wheat); Wollmeise merino sock – Rittersporn (blue/purple); Wollmese merino sock – Daisy (yellow/pink/green); Carol Feller cable tunic pattern – free excerpt from her new book (available in August); Sweet Clement ‘Beau’ superwash BFL aran – Robin Egg (light blue); Juno ‘Milly’ merino sock – Lemonade (yellow); Juno ‘Milly’ merino sock – Lavender Rose (dusty pink).