Drama! Chaos! Mayhem! My work here is done.

I was working in my studio (OK, spare room), gazing at these 2 amazing yarns that I managed to bag at a frenzied Etsy shop update from The Plucky Knitter. 2 hours of cart-jacking, hair pulling, fisticuffs, the lot!! All that for 2 skeins of PK Primo Fingering – 80% merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon. Exquisite!

So, what to do with these lovelies, I asked myself. I’m not into shawls that much and I’ve done socks to death. So I came up with an idea to make a vest.  The vest would be made using garter stitch and constructed sideways, which makes it very stretchy and form-fitting. Trouble was, I’d never made anything with just garter stitch before, or even sideways.

With pencil in hand, I started by sketching my idea, punching the calculator (not productive, but it got my aggression out) and finally did a small swatch.  Happy with my numbers, I went to work by casting on and started knitting. All was fine…. tra la la…!!!

— OK, scratch that!

Now, let’s get real here: This project was a complete hatchet job from start to finish! initially, I wanted this yarn to make a top from a pattern that I bought in Ravelry, but the instructions were incomprehensible and poorly written,  I ended up frogging the project and came up with my own solution.

Not knowing the propensities of garter stitch (i.e. it EATS yarn like there’s no tomorrow!), I miscalculated the yardage for my sideways vest and ran out of yarn about 75% of the way. I then had to frog it back several times and re-arrange the striping formation. I then had to frog back again and had to consider a 3rd colour!

Can’t you get any more of that yarn?” I was asked by a well-meaning knitting club member. My horrified response of ‘Are you mad?! Do you know who I had to murder, just to get this?‘ stunned her into silence, which laid the subject firmly to rest. Let’s face it, when you’re in the UK, there is no easy way of getting hold of yarns like Primo in a colourway that is so popular with loyal followers, that they’d literally kill you for it!

So, back to the drawing board. I did all manner of ‘re-thinks’ to find a way around this without scrapping the entire project – including the most extreme way – cutting the knitted piece down the middle and grafting in a 3rd colour!

Anyway, it all went OK in the end. Drama and mayhem it may have been, but in fact, it looks like the design might have some potential. The knitting is a bit raggedy and the grafting could be tidier, but I will learn from this, I swear!

I’m going off for a well-needed glass of wine! Phew!