In Reference to Architecture

In the Designer’s Challenge forum for January, our task was to design full mittens based on the theme of architecture. I just love challenges like that, but I can’t help but stray from ANY, if not all rules of the game!

The result of this challenge became my soon-to-be-released pattern called, “Chrysler Fingerless Mitts“. I think the title and the architectural influence speak for themselves. But it is a lovely way to have lacy gloves that offer extra warmth!

The most interesting thing about this project is that I might have stumbled upon a novel way of incorporating a lace overlay (or second layer) within the knitting. So much so that I had to make an 8-minute YouTube video to demonstrate the technique. I was pretty disturbed to hear the sound of my voice on playback…. I didn’t realise that I squeaked so much!

Chrysler Fingerless Mitts