Oh, man! What happened to March?!

Where did the time go? I must have blinked and missed a whole month! What did I do in all that time? Aha, I know – I was busy knitting!

If you remember back in January, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to justify my yarn purchases and actually have a project in mind BEFORE I buy any. Well, I’ve been pretty good so far, except that my projects have now become more ambitious and quite a bit yarn-hungry, oops!

Down Memory Lane Sweater in Progress
Down Memory Lane in progress

On the flip-side, I had a sweet idea for using up all those small bits of 4 ply yarn from past projects. It’s a lightweight sweater made using 2 rows of main colour (grey) followed by 4 rows of any colour. The great thing about this is that you find yourself hunting through your leftovers to find a suitable colour to follow the previous. It’s quite addictive.

I call it “Down Memory Lane” because I can tell you a story about each and every colourway that is in it and what knitting project it came from. It’s still in progress because, believe it or not, I am soon to run out of leftovers and won’t have enough to do sleeves! So, it might have to wait a while for more yarn to become available.