You’ve got to be tough to do LACE!

Experimenting… Had to get this one out of my head for some reason. It looks odd and a little dramatic, but somehow I like it!
The Design
In order to de-tangle the loose wiring in my head, I had a lace shawl idea that I wanted to get down on paper. The only problem was, I had NO idea how to design for lace! As it turned out, it was not something that could be put down on paper in any comprehensive order.

Anyway, this simple yet disjointed design was the final outcome.

I can’t begin to explain the pattern sequence – only that it doesn’t flow vertically, it shifts about, it has to mirror itself after the centre stitch, causing a slight ripple effect. It is a chaotic design, with no obvious rhythm therefore not easy to read. But with all that, it makes perfect sense! In fact, I am really happy with the result!

It looks like it could be complicated. It’s not, its just mad!

About the yarn
Ooooh! Plucky Traveller (merino / yak / silk) is dreamy! ’nuff said. 🙂