Aggregate – My new wrap pattern. It was fun trying to work out how to get lines from left to right and back again! During the design process, I had made 3 of these. It was such a quick knit, that I decided I needed another one! I’d seen 2 colourways that MUST be together for this pattern – perfect autumnal colours.

12 June: 3 days baby! Took me just 3 days to knit. I blame those Addi ‘Turbo’ Needles, I went off like a rocket!

Since I had yarn with generous yardage, on this version I extended the shawl by repeating the Final Wedge once more, plus one row of incs. It was my hope that these incs would balance out the base, but I don’t think it made any difference, really. But, I had enough of C1 yarn to bind off using my super stretchy easy crochet bind off technique:

Now I’m going to block it.

14 June: Interesting…it’s quite big! Finished measurements: 180cm wide x 60cm high (at centre). It looks more like a shawl.

The Yarns
C1 – grey – Old Maiden Aunt’s BFL DK. C2 – rusty orange – 3IG’s Careys BFL DK. Both yarns are SO soft, cozy and warm and incredibly light in weight. They’re not too fluffy (like most BFLs). These yarns are superwash, so they coped really well at being blocked and roughed-up a bit – no sign of felting or fulling. Just have to be careful not to block this yarn too aggressively, because it is obedient and opens up the stitches. And time will tell if those stitches ever regain their normal shape. But in all, I am impressed. I should buy BFL more often.

Other Samples
The black & green one was my prototype design. It was made using The Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted. Lovely soft yarn with heavy drape. Yardage is limited so the wrap couldn’t be extended without additional skeins of each colour. I love how it turned out.

The blue & red version was made with Madelinetosh Alpaca Dream. Very light and fluffy and not too prickly like some alpaca yarns. Yardage was pretty generous – I had about 10g of c1 left over. Impressive.