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In Design News

kinyobiLet’s kick off with some bad news first… I’ve decided not to release my belted cardi pattern called “Kinyobi”. Despite all my efforts to make the pattern easy to follow, it just wouldn’t work and the reasons are this:

The stitch pattern: Much as I loved it, it was a real bastard to knit!! On a top-down raglan construction, there would have been too much for a knitter to focus on, to keep the pattern aligned. Believe me, I’ve saved you a headache!

The suggested yarn: Alpaca Supreme is beautiful, fluffy and lightweight – but it is a grower! Given the length of this cardi, gravity will soon take hold of it and your pockets will end up down to your knees. Unless you’ve got extendable arms that is…!

Raglan sleeve: On reflection, raglans on an open cardi is a problem for many of us with sloping shoulders. Having worn mine for a while, I found myself frequently hoiking it back up onto my shoulders! Very troublesome. I don’t want to create a design that will get on your nerves!

On better news…

Tanjobi will soon be ready for test knitting! It is currently undergoing tech editing, so I hope to start testing around the end of October, early November. Deadline to complete is 30th November. Anyone wishing to test knit this pattern can join our group and register at the testing thread here:–other-bits/3050263/1-25


Upcoming Designs

Quarrelsome: Just like the name suggests, it’s an argument between bulky weight yarn and fingering weight yarn. It follows a modular approach to knitting, although the gauge is my biggest issue with it so far. I think it will make an interesting stash buster. I quite like the idea of marrying up diverse yarns. It’s a challenge… I like challenges.

Lucky Star: This one is my favourite so far! It’s going to be a technical knit – not for the faint-hearted, but it will be fun! The design would most likely suit a toddler, but they get all the cutest sweaters anyway. So this one is for us adults!

Cherry Ginger Ale: Lounge around, baby! A kimono-ish style open cardi. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while now. I’ve been looking at different ways to construct a top-down, set-in sleeve. Not sure it would be right for this, but I’ll be casting on shortly. The yarn: Wexford Merino Silk is delicious! it is SO soft and gorgeous, it would make a lovely wrap to lounge around in. Very luxurious.

OPP (Other People’s Patterns)

I’ve got too much yarn!!! (did I just say that out loud?) I’ve been finding ways to beat down my encroaching stash (before it takes over the world). The quickest way to do this is by knitting patterns that are already published.


I’m currently having a bit of fun with Wightwick by TShep. For this I am doing it using Double-knitting instead of stranded knitting to create a cowl or loopy scarf (whichever one uses up yarn soonest). It’s great fun, but a real mind-melter! Here’s how the story goes:

DH: What are you making?
Me: A scarf/loopy cowl, maybe.
DH: Nice, it looks straightforward. So what’s the problem?
Me: I’m making a rod for my own back, that’s what!
DH: wha?
Me: I’m double-knitting it.
DH: wha?

After explaining to DH what double knitting entails, he slowly backs away from me. Very wise…!

Check out this YouTube to see what I mean. Careful now, you’ve been warned:

Totally Unrelated, but…


I’ve taken up the Ukulele! I’ve started jamming with a group at our local pub.

Twice a month we meet up, get our Ukes out, grab a song book and howl to the moon! Fab! The other pub-goers love it too ! My latest purchase from is this little beauty – it’s not a bad player for a novelty soprano ukulele. It has a very cheerful sound.

As The Saying Goes, “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job”!

My JimBox fundraising campaign has come to an unsuccessful end. This is a shame because I had hoped to finally bring to life a product that I had been developing for nearly 7 years.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. I will go away and take a long hard look at my choices and figure out what I want to do. So now, I will continue with my main interest, and that is knitting! It has become my day job in any case, so I may as well go back to that – to be honest, I’ve really missed it!

In the meantime, here is something funny because we all need a humour boost now and again: CLICK HERE