Come on, keep up!!

That’s what I’ve been saying to myself for some weeks now. My workload has been incredible lately and I haven’t been this busy since I ran my own business 15 years ago!

To keep myself organised, I was introduced to the joys of Bullet Journals by Felicity Ford of Knitsonik. Who’d have thought that a simple little book with dots and numbered pages would become my whole office! Admittedly, some of my pages do look like I’ve puked up crayons and stickers all over it, but at least it’s organised! ❤️

Barcelona Knits Festival – November 2019

A fab weekend in the sunny surroundings of the beautiful city of Barcelona. Great company, great friends, great food and lots of knitting. This festival was small compared to others, but was packed with ‘new to me’ yarn dyers and crafters. The show-stoppers were Stephen West, with his West Wool yarn, Townhouse Yarns (from Dublin) and Malabrigo Yarns. The Malabrigo stand must have been a rarity, because people were knocking each other over, left, right and centre, just to get at these yarns – it was a fight indeed! There was so much jostling and elbow-digging, punctuated by the occasional, “perdoneme!” (excuse me), or “lo siento!” (sorry) and even, “eso es mio!” (that’s mine!).

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Jimmy Beans Wool Blanket Club

I was commissioned to write a pattern for JBW’s blanket club for 2020. It’s an annual subscription club, paid monthly. When you sign up to this club, you will receive a skein of yarn and part of the pattern each month. After 12 months, you will have knitted up all the sections to make a decent size blanket or throw. For me, this was a great opportunity to have fun with shape, colour and… maths! Ugh, you can keep the maths part, but I did have a lot of fun building this into an interesting 12-part process. The yarn that JBW chose was Alpaca DK by Hedgehog Fibres, which was absolutely perfect for this kind of project. In my pattern, the yarns are held double-stranded, so that it not only offers amazing coziness, but it also knits up quicker on larger size needles. Ideal for the ‘I want a blanket, and I want it NOW’ type of person (you know who you are)!

The pattern is called “Fishing For Koi” – each section of the blanket represents a different species of Carp. The colours and flecks in the chosen yarns work neatly with this concept. This pattern is exclusive to JBW until December 2020.

Waltham Abbey Wool Show – Essex, UK. January 2020

The first wool show event for the calendar year and it’s based at a nice venue, the Marriott Hotel, Waltham Abbey. Perfect for the time of year – no standing around getting cold in a draughty marquee, or out in the rain, brrr!! The show has 3 exhibiting rooms, along with hallways for further exhibits and side-rooms for classes and lounging. It has a large restaurant area for dining and relaxing. Being my second-ever show, it was lovely to see old friends on the circuit as well as making new ones. I’m getting better at this now… this time I remembered to bring an extension lead, some gaffer tape and my steam iron (travelling with Handknits that end up creased to buggery is awful!). The WAWS organizers were very attentive, helpful and full of beans! My little plot was a nice size for my table, banner, clothes rail and of course, Mildred (my mannequin).

And did you know, I make funky and practical see-through project bags? No more guessing games of ‘What’s in this bag?’ or “Where’s my project?” If you missed them at the show, send me a message and I’ll post them up on my website.

Designer of the Month – February 2020.

I am super-excited to tell you that I’ve been chosen as ‘Designer of the Month’ for February at Stephen & Penelope, yarn store in Amsterdam! Yay! Check out my little feature on their website, here: While you’re there, see their fantastic collection of hand dyed yarns, books, notions and project bags. If you’re lucky enough to be passing through Amsterdam, go and visit their amazing bricks and mortar store. You’ll get the chance to see a few of my knitted samples on display. The store itself is jam-packed with all the goodies, so you can get to see and feel the real things. I went to the shop once, my family were wise enough to leave me there while they went off to visit a museum. 3 hours later… (ahem)! 😉

Further light reading…!

I recently had an interview with Luke, from The Wool Enthusiast. Check it out and learn more about what makes me tick and what ticks me off! 😅

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