Knitography Retreat 2020: Norway

I’ve been mildly aware of the hiatus between blogs lately and I’m sorry to suddenly spook you with this one now!

In any case, I hope everyone is well and staying safe! ❤️

Knitography Retreat, Trondheim Norway – February 2020

The Knitography Retreat was a partially sponsored event as a pilot for a future retreat package. It was organised by Patricia Anne Fortune of Knitography Farm, in partnership with the organisers of the MidtNorsk Kultur & Strikkefestival and Bårdshaug Herregård manor house. The purpose of the retreat was to show visitors the delights of the Trøndelag region of Norway, take part in crafts, outings, connect with local crafters, make friends, share ideas and fellowship.

Patricia is a farmer of a small flock of Grå Trøndersau (Grey Troender) sheep – a rare breed that has less than 100 individual animals in existence, nearly all residing within Norway. She has a passion for preserving endangered breeds and is keen to share her farming practise, to educate and shed light on other similar dedicated rare breed farmers. 

Our Itinerary…


Our first outing was to visit the Selbu Bygdemuseum in the town of Selbu.

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While in Trondheim, we went on a tour of the city and visited the Nidarosdomen Cathedral, which was beautiful and had amazing architecture. We then visited Trondheim high street, Statue of Olav Tyggvason and Stiftsgarden – residence of the king. Later that evening we visited Selbu Spinneri – a local mill, known for spinning the finest yarn from Norwegian rare breed sheep and other fleeces.

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We had a welcome reception at Husfliden Trondheim where they treated us to a private viewing of the store, with coffee and cakes. The store was filled with a vast selection of Norwegian yarn brands. So much to choose from and only so much space in one’s suitcase! They also kindly gave each of us a gift bag containing hand knitted Selbu mittens! After that, we went on a bus trip to Tyholt Tower which had an amazing view of the city. Around 6pm we left to travel to the village of Orkanger where we stayed in the Bårdshaug Herregård Manor House.

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In Orkanger, we spent the morning in our own dedicated ‘Makers Lounge’ – an entire mezzanine floor filled with comfy sofas, with areas to do sewing, spinning, knitting and other crafts. In the afternoon we went for a walk around Vannspielet to the light house.

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In the morning we went on a farm trip to Holum Gard where GunnElin Folland raises her flock of rare breed Norwegian sheep. It was fascinating to see how a person, who, pretty much single-handedly manages a whole farm and produce yarn, fleeces, wool and other hand crafted products.

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We went on a trip to  Fannremsgård, a little comprehensive sheep and dairy cow farm that has been in the same family for many generations. The farm is run by Jon Frederik, who is also an established traditional costume maker. His vast skills range from producing one of Norway’s most awarded butter, to weaving and of course sewing.

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Saturday afternoon, we were treated to an opportunity to do some skiing at the Knyken Ski Center. This centre had ski trails and slopes of varying heights. I was the only person that had NEVER been skiing before (out of those of us who wanted to ski)! I fell over so many times, I gave my ankle a good going over. Thankfully, it wasn’t too serious. But I had the most fun!!

Later that evening we all had dinner and a knit night at the home of one of the Mid-tNorsk Strikkefestival organizers. Their home and hospitality was so warm and lovely, I just wanted to move in! 🥰

Home interior
Norwegian homes are just beautiful and cosy!


Sunday afternoon we had a tea party with the local knitters and makers. It was an opportunity to meet fellow crafters, share cakes and tea, sing traditional Norwegian songs and show off our work.


Sadly, I had to leave in the afternoon, but some of our party stayed on a few more days and took a viking boat trip around Trondheim and then went on to visit the old town of Røros.

Also… check out Marina Skua’s amazing blog – it contains superb photos of our trip: Links to parts 2 & 3 are on her blog too!

For more information about future Knitography Knitting Retreats, please contact Patricia via her website:

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