ByeLine – The Cardigan Version

This is one of my recent designs, “ByeLine“. It’s a tunic length Henley-style top, with buttoned front and curved hemline. It’s made from the top down in one seamless piece.

ByelIne (original)
ByelIne (original)

Someone asked me if this could be turned into a cardigan. It was an interesting thought and it got my mind racing… So, a cardi version… Can it be done? I’m sure it can!


Note to self:
• Stripes – 4×2 (CC/MC)
• Length from shoulder to split – 52cm
• If there is enough yarn… make sleeves longer?



Pretty good! Despite what I wrote as a note to myself, it would seem that I disregarded most of it!! But here is the result anyway:

CRW_4992_wm CRW_4979_wm

I had intended to make the cardi shorter, so that the split would fall at belt level (just below high hip), but I couldn’t seem to stop knitting! Then, I confused myself at some point by mistaking my contrast colour yarn with my main colour yarn (such was the closeness between them in tonal value).

So overall, it had turned out longer in the body than I’d planned, but in some ways this was a blessing. The fabric is very soft and floppy, so it would have needed the length to accommodate for the waft and flow around the hem.


Apart from obviously turning it from a sweater to a cardigan, I lengthened the curved hem by 8 rows. No particular reason really, I just wanted to see what it would look like. I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s easy to turn this into a cardigan. Just follow the pattern as instructed, instead of joining in the round just keep going, working flat down to the split hem.


The Yarn

It was the first time I’d ever worked with Bello Worsted. It was lovely and dreamy to knit with (yeah, and you’ll forget to stop knitting too!). It has a generous amount of cashmere, so it blooms pretty quickly, particularly after much handling (the shoulders are full with activity!).

This yarn is ideal for lightweight sweaters. It provides warmth and comfort in all kinds of weather conditions, without the heaviness in weight. Oh, but it is a grower! Gravity and cashmere based yarns are great partners! So be mindful when you are gauging for length… yes Jimi, why don’t you act on your own advice in future, eh?!  😉

The Buttons were from:
Ref: TGB1983 – 5 x brown wooden buttons with starburst design. Size 18 mm – £2.00

(Eiffel) Tower of Strength

A skirt, for my 2-day stay in Paris… Une petite jupe!

Tower of Strength Skirt using 3 skeins of yarn (1 of each colour)
Tower of Strength Skirt using 3 skeins of yarn (1 of each colour)

C1: Wooden shoe (light brown)
C2: At the Copa (orange)
C3: Wingtips (dark brown)

I wanted to try and make this skirt with only 3 skeins of yarn (1 of each colour). In order to do this I used larger sized needles and followed size XS instead of my normal Size Small.

I worked 6 rows of ribbing for the waistband, then worked the first 2 repeats without working the first increase at Round 14. This did shift the colour order for these rows, but not in a noticeable way. From round 28 onwards it was business as usual. I worked a total of 7.5 vertical repeats.

The hem ribbing was done using C3 instead of C1 because there wasn’t enough yarn left to do the job (as I expected). I didn’t mind that at all.

01 Sept: It is now blocking. Finished length is: 45cm (17.5″). Having done this on larger needles, I am really pleased that it did not compromise the fabric in any way. I think the yarn is the reason for that. From the 3 skeins yarn, I was left with 12g of each colour.

Plucky Sweater is the best yarn for this kind of project. It is sturdy and smooth, with excellent stitch definition. It very rarely pills or fluffs, which makes it perfect for clothing that will succumb to abrasion through movement. The 10% nylon content helps to keep this skirt nice and close to the body in a flattering manner – almost like a pair of Spanx!

The colours are a bit psychedelic! Not sure what possessed me to choose these colourways. Somehow, it reminds me of a skirt my mum wore back in the 1970s. We’ll see if I can get away with it! 🙂