New Year’s Resolutions… ugh!

Generally, I’m not into New Year’s Resolutions – the reason? The intention is good for a short while, then it all gets forgotten – a bit like a diet. But this time I’ve had to give New Year’s Resolutions another chance.

Last month, I took a long hard look in my yarn cupboard and gulped. I’ve got way too much yarn! And I can’t knit fast enough to get through them. The reason for this is that about 80% of my knitting projects are my own designs. I’ve always got design ideas for  jumpers, scarves, socks, cardigans….you name it! I can’t help it. I can’t even look at an already written and published pattern without needing to ‘change it’ somehow – always the designer. Now, because I am forever tinkering with my own designs and sketches, it seems to take me longer to actually produce a finished article – and believe me, I’m no slouch with the needles.

So… my New Year’s Resolutions are:

  1. At least have a project in mind BEFORE I buy more yarn.
  2. Stop staring at this yarn, start USING it! Even if it is a rare piece from an Indy Dyer who lives in a remote hilltop in outer Mongolia and who only produces yarn in months that have a ‘J’ in it!
  3. Consider seriously using already published patterns. There are a wealth of choice out there, especially on Ravelry. And if I decide to change the pattern to suit my taste, so be it!

My first offering for the New Year:

brambles beret
Brambles by Amanda Muscha

A beret for me! An amazingly quick project. I took the brave step and dived into my Glenhaven Worsted (80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon) in ‘Eiffel Tower’ from Three Irish Girls.  I made the Medium size with ‘not-so- long slouch. I made various minor modifications to the cable patterning because I wanted ‘slouch’, but not too much.

I did the entire hat in 3.5mm needle because (now, wait for it) I forgot to change up to 4.5mm after the 1×1 rib! It would have to happen to me one day, wouldn’t it?

Besides that the yarn was a dream. It did not seem to matter that I was working on smaller than necessary needles. Glenhaven is ever so soft, it gives great stitch definition and has enormous elasticity – too bad it’s so expensive, I could happily knit with this all the time!

The pattern was great. A very satisfying result!